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Feed Submitter is the easiest semi-automated blog and RSS feed promotion tool ever. With our software, you will never have to search for places to submit your RSS feeds to get traffic and subscribers for your blog. Out tool allows you easily submit multiple RSS feeds at once, with no limit on the number of feeds you can submit!
With many blog readers following blog posts through RSS feeds, building RSS subscribers is important. These subscribers can bring blogs and other sites a lot of traffic through repeat visits. What can you do to find new RSS feed subscribers searching for blogs to follow in your niche?
Having your blog RSS feed included in feed and blog directories can help new potential subscribers find you while browsing blogs on their favorite topics. Trust Feed Submitter to handle all aspects of your feed submission to directories, and let it save you money while increasing traffic and subscribers due to the following features:
- Submission to 200+ feed and blog directories
- Semi-automatic submissions
- Auto-fill for submission fields
- Unlimited RSS feed submissions at once
- Multiple profiles available with separate tracking
- Up-to-date list of the top blog and feed directories
- Submission options to Podcast and Videocast sites
- Choice between automatic and manual feed submissions
RSS feed submissions can be time-consuming if you try to do it alone, with repetitive research and data entry to keep an updated list of feed and blog directories and to enter the submission information repeatedly. Feed Submitter makes publishing all of your RSS feeds quick and easy.
Never miss new blog directories or waste time submitting to outdated feed directories again. Feed Submitter always has the latest lists, allowing you to focus your time on more important tasks, like updating the content on your blog to keep all of your new subscribers coming back for more.
Promote your blog the right way to build traffic and get more RSS subscribers.

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